Monday, November 23, 2009


still searching
mana la yg sesuai

Sunday, November 22, 2009

the twilight saga

call me outdated but i only watched TWILIGHT for my first time - last night, on astro!!!

i have read many comments saying how romantic the movie was.... huh, cerita hantu romantic??? and my sister also said, the story book was far more feelings than the movie.

so, last night, i took the liberty (cewah) of watching it first time. i put my baby to sleep earlier, and i totally let my husband took care of hazeem, let me watch my Twilight with full concentration (of course, there is no definition of full concentration once you are married and have kids!)...

my verdict: light movie.... the romantic part, i have to say it was a bit less than my expectations, maybe my sister was right - the book portrays more feelings... BUT i couldnt help to enjoy bits and pieces of the romantic parts and the truly gorgeous sharp pale face of Edward Cullens (gagagagagga!!!!)

of course, in every of us, we have a part to wanna feel romantic, regardless your age, upbringing, sex... (i mean man or woman)... you sure have a slight desire to wanna feel romantic. kira2nya, aku melayan perasaan romantic jugak la semalam.... :D

and today, i googled for the sequel of the twilight saga - NEW MOON....

now i have to drool for two characters - the vampire and the werewolf!

i wish.... i really wish....

Thursday, November 19, 2009

once upon a time, there was a jiwang girl (oh wait, she still is jiwang!)

during my early teenage years, i used to be a loner, i stuffed my ears with a pair of earphone, just to keep the world away...

and one of the songs that really captured my heart (and of course feeeeelingss...) was (and still is) PROMISE ME. i cant remember who the singer was but when i searched the net i found it, it sounded still the same so i guess the singer is BEVERLY CRAVEN.

the melody is sort of dark meaningful feelings...
bila dengar balik... i feel kinda sad... sob sob sob..

(errr.. masa tu takdak boyfren aaa, maybe one of the reasons i felt sad ahahhaha!!)

you light up another cigarette and i pour the wine
it's four o'clock in the morning and it is starting to get light
now i'm right where i wanna be losing track of time
but i wish that it was still last night
u look like you're in another world but i can read your mind
how can you be so far away lying by my side
when i go away i'll miss you
and i will be thinking of you
every night and day

just promise me
you'll wait for me
cos i'll be saving all my love for you
and i will be home soon
promise me
you'll wait for me
i need to know you feel the same way too
and i'll be home, i'll be home soon

u can hear the song from the player on your right :D

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

mimpi stress

bila stress or fikiran tu ada mcm2... aku selalunya aku bermimpi...

mimpi apa?

selalunya mimpi2 kategori stress ni hanya sesuai dijadikan cerita horror ataupun fictional yang terlampau.

cth: masa kerja dulu aku bermimpi bos aku boleh ber-transform menjadi monster ataupun melayu panggil momok... ada jugak time aku melampau benci kat bos aku, maka malam itu aku bermimpi bos kecik aku 'buat kerja' ngan bos besar aku - out of all the people, aku lak yg nampak - so... mmg HORROR!

skrg dah tak keje, apa lak aku mimpi?
ada time aku mimpi, laki aku buat2 lupa kat aku - ini mimpi boleh mendatangkan marah... dan bila bangun pagi, aku jeling dia seround dan dia akan musykil kenapa la kena marah pagi2 ni...

ada gak mimpi yang bila bangun, aku pun tak tau apa pekdah mimpi tu...

tapi kengkadang ada mimpi yg bermakna... contohnya: aku penah mimpi aku ada nasi lemak, aku makan tak abis2 siap pas kat laki aku lagi... skali rupa2 nya laki aku dpt offer kerja yg better dari kerja dia masa tu...alhamdulillah... ia juga boleh memberi maksud, lepas tu boleh la laki aku beli nasi lemak byk2!

ini cerita mimpi ya... lain dgn cerita mengigau...
kalau nak cerita mengigau yg best...
aku kena mintak izin laki aku dulu sebab....

(aku kena mintak izin dia dulu :-p)

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

cuba teka mana aku...

zainab rendah 2
kami satu keluarga
tolong menolong tidak mengira bangsa
kami merasa bangga
wahai ibu dan bapa
didada menyala utk terus membara

(betul ke lirik sekolah aku ni?? macam main tabor je... aku lupa la)

stupid people

sometimes aku rasa, i am surrounded by idiots!

idiots who do not know how to behave

idiots who do not know how respect others

idiots who do not know how to honor their own words

idiots who just love to irritate you

idiots who simply cant resist flirting with someone else's husband

idiots who are vocally retarded

and some are just plain idiots!!

it sucks....!!!

Monday, November 16, 2009

bijak si kancil

good qualities of my son (think so?!)

  1. persistent: when he ask for something, he will keep asking until he get it or until he satisfy that he wont get it. e.g. kalau pergi klcc, everytime mesti nak masuk toys'r us. and everytime tak dpt, dia nangis and nangis and nangis until u want to take all your hair off your head pun he continue nangis! he will only stop bila kereta bergerak keluar dari tunnel parking klcc. 'ini dah konfem tak dpt ni... better stop crying!'
  2. not easily influenced: he wont take your words easily. e.g. my MIL was telling a story to persuade him to eat veggie. 'when your daddy was small, he took spinach cos he wanted to be strong like popeye'... and he said 'yeah. ok' (translated: yeah, think i would fall for that?!)
  3. creative: he can make anything out of everything... and he can draw too - i will put his drawing next time ok.
  4. outspoken: apa yg tak puashati, he will say it - esp about how we wanna raise him!
  5. cunning: always know what to say in most 'situations'. e.g. i heard him playing with the insectide spray (ridsect tu) and i shouted from the kitchen (he was outside) 'hazeem buat apa tuh?!!' he kept quiet for a moment and answered 'hazeem terkentut, mama...'
bijak tak? bijak ....

itu belum masuk kebijaksanaan si harith!
next time...

he and him

do they look the same??




do i look like my big bro?

anak kecil main api

kacang puteh? anyone?

jail bird... nah...

hi, my name is ika!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

mertua vs menantu

this topic is sensitive topic since ages ago. i think if the cavemen knew about marriage (proper marriage - not just knocking heads with their kayu), they would have same issues.


good or bad, they are still issues.
who doesnt have issues at all - let's just say they are talking bullshit.
well, to be fair, there are few who have good relationship... and mostly have disputes over even small matter.

i have a MIL.
i dont have a menantu yet as my first son is only 5 year old.

do i have issues with my MIL?
sedangkan lidah lagi tergigit...
but let me put it this way, i have a good MIL.
she helps me alot esp when my maid ran away recently...and now i = maid!
but she helps me out a lot!

of course, there are numbers... but i even had disputes with my own mom!

why i have this topic on my mind today?
cos sometimes aku serba salah... there were times aku tak puashati, of course aku menumpang and she has her salah aku if ada benda aku tak puashati.
kenapa aku menumpang? sebab laki aku nak menumpang rumah mak dia, dia taknak menumpang rumah mak aku wakakkaka...

well, this morning aku terpikir, MIL aku ni la yang besarkan hubby aku.
and i love him.
and kadangkala aku perasan same traits they share (eheheh... abang... u know what i am talking about!)
and they even share same birthdate!!

ada some people tried very hard to please their MILs... sebab MIL ni dalam islam dah macam mak sendiri. and it is not easy, i know cos kita semua dari asuhan berbeza.

and i solute those who have 'sort-of-bad' MIL but they tried their level best to be a good menantu...

and ada jugak menantu hantu yang tak respect MIL and in addition, dia lak yang influence the husband to ignore the mom...

it is a sad fact... but it is still a fact.

so, MIL aku not bad. she cooks everyday, cos aku mmg tak masak sebab aku tak mau dikutuk (wkakakak!!) aku masak air je...

becos she cooks everyday, and aku lak a fultime housewife, so sometimes i prefer to go out and eat... what? aku bukan ada can keluar lunch cam orang lain ok...

so, let me count my blessings and i have a good MIL and of course, nobody can replace my mom!

and those who hates your MIL, sila ingat2 one day u will become one... and you will never know what you'll become...

Saturday, November 14, 2009


the nescafe was leftover from our breakfast
i left it in teh freezer to be frozen

halfway, after few hours, i took it out
the chillness really excites me
i took a spoon
i crushed the half-made frozen nescafe

ice blended nescafe - homemade


mari pikirkan...
iceblended kat luar -mahal bagai nak rak
and they tasted almost the same
cuma... hak buat sendiri kena tunggu berjam aaa utk dia separa beku :D

(actually, if aku berduit, aku beli je... tak kuasa tunggu air beku
and ko buleh je blend ice with the nescafe - ni kes bengap tunggu air tu beku)

Thursday, November 12, 2009

the wonder of you - elvis presley

when no one else can understand me
when everything i do is wrong
you give me hope and consolation
you give me strength to carry on

and you're always there to lend a hand
in everything i do
that's the wonder
the wonder of you

and when you smile the world is brighter
you touch my hand and i'm a king
your kiss to me is worth a fortune
your love for me is everything

i guess i'll never know the reason why
you love me as you do
that's the wonder
the wonder of you


bangun pagi

bangun pagi
gosok gigi
cuci muka
pakai baju
minum air
makan roti

saya sungguh senang hati


sapa la yang buat lirik ni - senang hati sangat la di pagi hari huhuhu.... ini penipuan utk budak2 di siang hari (macam happily ever after)

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

what is happening?

what in the world is happening nowadays?

when news is on - flood, flash flood, hurricane, taufan, earthquake, landslide


in hospitals in clinics, sakit mata, budak2 demam - virus this and that


apo nak jadi ni?

ini ke rupa hujung zaman?

ramai yang tak sedar diri, semua nak bercakap even on topics yang dia tak pandai pun dia nak berhujah sehingga kan tak sedar apa yang dihujah tu berdosa?

is this the cause? and are those the effects?

ya Allah, selamatkan hamba2 mu, buka kan hati kami ke arah jalan yang benar... amin.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

i dont feel good cos i thought about it now i want to sleep




she - whom i used to call friend

suddenly i remember somebody whom i used to call 'friend'


the thot of her and her family, esp her beloved hubby (so she called) really frustrate my day...
we used to be close and she used to be a good friend

what happen? something stupid - stupid on my part for trusting a friend so much.

let this entry be pengajaran untuk semua orang. i dont want to buka pekong of the mentioned ones, but blogspot ni kan tempat luahan perasaan...

i knew her YEARS ago
and we went thru a lot, well bila dah jadik kejadian TU, hati aku mula2 sakit, lepas tu aku sedih...sebab aku tak expect out of all the people - dia yang buat aku gitu.

aku pinjamkan dia, and laki dia duit - and it is a lot (atleast for me, sebab aku tak berduit skrg ni). stupid enuf, aku percayakan kawan aku bagi je cenggitu without any black & white. now, dah berbulan2 dia tak bayar, and diorg siap ugut aku lagi - if aku wat kecoh kat orang lain pasal hutang diorg, maka nya aku takkan nampak lagi dah duit aku tu...!

adooohai, aku ni pun ada maruah. aku ada tahap sabar gak. aku duk buat bising pun kat sapa, kat kakak dia gak sebab nya sms aku dia tak jawab, call tak angkat, email tak balas.

tau lak dia marah.

pastu laki dia lak sms aku, kutuk aku bagai. eh eh... ingat aku tak de buah kutukan aku?? aku selama ni duk simpan je... bini dia duk print resume kat kedai aku, aku tak mintak duit. duk print guna printer laser aku, print sample flyers dia, aku tak mintak duit. byk lagi la diorg duk guna facility kat kedai aku dulu, tapi aku tak berkira sgt sbb dia kawan aku (dulu!). bila laki dia ungkit yg bukan2, siap mengugut aku lagi, aku bagi la semua yg aku duk kononnya nak halalkan dulu.

dia duk ungkit aku dulu byr gaji bini dia lambat. helo? bini ko jugak agree cenggitu, tapi lambat aku pun aku setelkan dalam bulan tu gak. dia bising, dia ngan bini dia terpaksa ikut peel aku pegi sana sini hal kedai... helo? bukan itu ke sebab aku bayar gaji bini ko??? bini ko keje balik awal almost hari2 ada aku bising? bini ko patut carik customers tapi most of the time duk ber internet, ada aku bising? takde. sekrg aku bising. sebab ko tu yang tak tau malu. never sedar diri ko tu kat mana!

ok, ikut kan hati, i wish i could just mention names here....

err... nak ke tak? nak ke tak?

bila bagi loan kepada kawan2, tak kira rapat camne pun, please buat black n white. if nak hantar boncer pun atleast ada proof.

god knows what they have been telling friends and families about this. god knows what actually happen to them. but the pain they have been causing (others) have made them 'closer'...

entry aku ni mungkin akan menaikkan amarah mike2 yg kaki marah tu. tapi aki buat entry ni utk pengajaran. kira ok la aku tak tebar nama kat sini...

as for me, aku still nak duit aku. if diorg tak nak bayar, biar la tuhan balas, sebab org berhutang ni susah... lebih2 lagi if pemiutang tak halal kan... almaklum la kita sesama islam ni...

whatever it is, if possible aku tak nak berhubungan with them, cos aku malas. and aku tau, diorg pun dah malas.duit leh masuk akaun, tq.

moga ini jadi pengajaran kita semua.

hospital visiting hour :D by three gorgeous ladies

we visited liza in the hospital, she is still recovering from the c-sect she had delivering her first born baby :D

beautifully and very much pregnant zureen
amazingly and very much talking koyong (eheheh...)
and myself (didampingi noti harith ;-p)

liza and gazza (the new mum and dad) look happy, ye la anak first kan...
but sorry guys, kitorg lak tersyok sendiri borak bagai nak rak buat bising lak dlm spital, nasib baik katil sebelah kosong :D

suke kome... ehehhe.. congrats!

ni anak aku ni...gaza tolong layan sebab aku dah tak larat kejar dia

old friends...

(mana gambar2 lain ni....? apasal aku upload tak mo kuar punnnn!)

Sunday, November 8, 2009

pengubat hati luka

last night, hubby & i watched football game between club teams of our kampung... manchester united and chelsea (ehehhe... saje ngaku kampung)

oh, suka nya hati ku bila abang terry menjaringkan gol header pada 2nd half menyebabkan team kami menang 1-0.

abang ku, nasib baik abang tido tatkala ja bersorak keriangan (quitely sebab takleh sorak kuat2 budak2 dah tido...)

oh, abang terry.... :D

gazza & liza aka daddy & mummy

congratulations to my good friends, gazza & liza on their new addition to the family...

baby girl weighs 3.3kg, arrived at hospital pantai, pandan indah via c-sect
let the daddy tells u the story...

sebijik muka si mummy ;-p

(dont forget, the baby comes with sleepless nights and a complete makeover of your life... but she is the ultimate blessing you can get :D)



my top 5 treat list

being a normal human being, who has needs (all the time), i have to list my top 5 treat list to really understand what i really... really... want as a treat of my life :D and also to differentiate a kedai mamak treat and the luxury treat (hmmm.....)

to celebrate my honeymoon in Mauritius and stay at the best hotel, in their honeymoon suite.

to own a BMW X3

a trip to Disneyland with hubby and the kids!

a full wardrobe change! full with designer handbags, accessories and branded comfortable clothes (mampu kah? ;-p)

last but not least (well, this is the most important cos....)


a red Dell Inspiron 13 to complete my life. it should be in my top 5 cos it will help me ...
  • 'be online'... all the time with its enhanced wireless supports
  • see better - not becos i wear better prescription contact lenses but becos of its wide vivid display
  • enjoy a good movie with its HDMI connection
  • be a 'superwoman' by multitasking more via its portable power that delivers 50% more performance
  • show my 'retro-chic' side with the cool design, which i will proudly bring it everywhere i go!

Saturday, November 7, 2009


aku dah excited tunggu 8.45pm

papa pun dah lama tak layan bola, call aku suh ready depan tv, siap suh kim salam hobin kat laki aku

tepat 8.45pm, laki aku dah standby depan tv

aku dah hembus2 tv tu



apa ni Red Warriors?!? main bola tahap cipan

bola melantun sana sini
aduhai... keciwa

abe Indra, mujor ado gol mace abe beckham... tapi sayang semua nya sudah terlambat....

Friday, November 6, 2009


remember i talked about celergen before?

well... today i met a friend, she has been taking celergen for 3 months, and guess what? now she doesnt have to wear her glasses anymore! wah... for a lady like me, yang ada spek berpower sebanyak 650 for an eye, i am going to try this.

the good thing about this product, when u consume it, it helps your entire body, it doesnt tackle just one problem. and dont be surprise, ada yang badan slim after taking it for a week... eheheh... of course la slim by 1kg je... but a week ok!

and those who worry about wrinkles, it helps.

hi-blood, helps.

chronic pain? sakit lutut, sakit belakang? helps.

sakit kaki becos of high heels? helps.

hormon imbalance? thyroid? insyaallah helps.

simple explanation: as we age, yes...everybody ages ok..., as we age, our cells get weak and when they duplicate themselves into new cells, they duplicated a weaker cell. it goes on and on and on. sebab tu, bila tua, lagi senang dpt penyakit. sakit sana sini... (yup, i am also talking thru experience :D)

so, celergen, helps to rebuild and revitalise your organs thru cell therapy.

senang cakap, orang kaya2 tak injections. celergen is in softgels, and they are halal, made from marine products.

nak lagi paham, read here.

i will try it starting tomorrow since my mom has a positive result. will keep u updated. mana la tau kot kurus lak lepas ni (ahhahahah!!!!)

if anybody nak try it out, also let me know :)

Thursday, November 5, 2009

is it alright to lie to your children?


is it ok to do so?

why do i have this Q this morning?
hazeem was a tough nut to crack when it comes to asking him to take bath but once he is in the bathroom, it takes another difficult nut to crack to get him out - nuts! yang sakit hati, berbotol2 sabun habis... in short period. water bill? i dont even wanna think about it.

so, normally i would say, 'hazeem, membazir ni kawan syaitan... hazeem tau syaitan tu apa?'

'tau. syaitan jahat...' he said while nodding his head slowly but his feet still playing the water in the tub...

'mama tak nak hazeem jadi kawan syaitan. hazeem jangan la main air ya...'

'ok' short and simple and convincing answer.

tak sampai seminit aku melangkah keluar... i could hear splashes of water - dia sambung main air balik.... arghhhh!!!

my last resort, aku pegi kat belakang umah. ada satu tingkap tandas tu, aku ketuk 2-3 times.

mencicit anak aku berlari kuar, 'mama! mama! sapa ketuk tingkap?'

'hah, syaitan kot... dia carik kawan dia la tu. hazeem main air kan??' err.. would this label me as the syaitan who knocked on him? ehehhe

cepat2 dia mandi.

so, is it alright to lie to these little innocent ones?


langkah baru

tukar blog title...

tukar muka blog...

tukar setting skit...

tukar layout sana sini


belum puas... tapi tak sompek nak buek yang lain laie...

semula la pulok! tok cekak doh weiiii

(mixed marriage... mixed between kelate and negori kuangkuangkuang...)

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

nak tukar!!!

bila la aku dpt tukar tajuk blog ni???!!!


this morning was like yesterday... slow rain... ehehhe hujan renyai2...

it was very difficult for me to get up from bed, i was in the right sleeping position, the temperature was just right, and both kids were still asleep. MIL and hubby already started their day... bathed, cooked and laundry done!

me? huarghhhh.... malasnya

then, lil'harith woke up... aiseh.. this little fella is a morning person.
alahai... malasnya.

woke up, had quick breakfast. fed harith. sent hubby to work (actually, babai kat gate je)
watched a little cartoon on tv.
left harith with the fav cartoon, little einstein.

did some laundry, baju harith kena handwash.
took my bath.
bathed harith.

laptop on. blogging pulak. ini periuk nasi aku ni. belum la besar periuk ni... and mostly aku rasa aku duk tanak bubur nasik je. insyaallah... lelama jadik la nasik eheheh...

sambil blogging sambil melayan budak2 ni.
sambil layan budak2 ni sambil layan diri aku sendiri.

but seriously, sometimes i really need time for myself...
anak2... tido le cepat...

cell therapy

remember last time i posted about my mom's health, and she tries on a new product?

takpe... saya pun ingat2 lupa :D

well, she has been taking the product for a month and last week she called for her second box! wah, bagus ke? ada improvement ke?

she said, her hearing has some improvement (my mom ni dah lama ada hearing problem ever since she entered the pyramid bertahun yang lepas and she has been trying macam2, but to no avail) so bila product ni improves her hearing, dia excited.

her diabetic?
dia belum cek. but she said, she noticed that she feels better...
fair enough.

so, aku pun buat la investigations sendiri and i asked around.

case 1: an aussie lady took this for 6 days and she noticed she lost 1.6kg!!! and her thyroid prob improves, she feels energetic and more positive.

case 2: a malay model, always complained of sakit kaki everytime lepas foto shoot, cos she had to wear ridiculous-heels, after 4 days - dah tak rasa sakit!!!

case 3: a lady in her early 40's, took this after a few weeks, noticed wrinkles around her eyes reduced and she is able to do fitness classes back to back (up to 4 classes!!)

well, aku nak try tapi lom ada finance nya! but i highly recommend this product to all of you. even tho it is pricey but the result is marvellous! and benda ni mmg lain dari yang lain.

the product is called CELERGEN Switzerland.
it is all about cell therapy.

normally, cell therapy ni orang guna cara injections. and they are made of either sheep or human placenta - of course kita orang islam HARAM. CELERGEN ni is made of marine products and ada HALAL certifications... among other worldwide certifications. and it doesnt cost as a bomb as injections (if tak silap, satu injection could cost you RM30k+)

in layman's term... apa yang aku paham, as we get older, badan kita lagi senang dapat penyakit and penat due to cell deterioration. plus environment kita lagi.

CELERGEN helps to renew your cells.

let me quote...

Celergen's philosophy encapsulates the transformative power of cell therapy which aims to awaken dormant cells within the human body, thereby stimulating the growth, activity of existing tissues and the repairing and regeneration of old and malfunctioning cells.
The components in Celergen comprising BIODNA CELLULAR MARINE COMPLEX, PEPTIDE E COLLAGEN and HYDRO MN PEPTIDE are synergistically blended together to help restore that firm, youthful complexion you long to have.
The high degree of polymerization of the BIODNA CELLULAR MARINE COMPLEX enables it to penetrate into the cells and remain biologically active.

Celergen is an extensively certified anti aging supplement with full conformity to international stringent standards of current Good Manufacturing Practice, Organic Farming and Non-GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms) compliance, European certifications and Total Environmental Free Quality Management. It is clinically tested by Bio-HC, one of Europe�s largest and most sophisticated Clinical Test Research Centres in Pessac, France under Good Laboratories Practice conditions. Bio-HC comprises professionals which include physicians, Pharmacists, dermatologists, allergologists, biochemists and bacteriologists.

Celergen is not a drug but an enteric coated food supplement approved by Swiss Public Health Authority with full compliance to USA FDA.

that's why it helps on your youthful beings. jangan pikir yg bukan2 je, being youthful ni is more on healthy lifestyle :D ingat masa muda2??

so, let me know if ada anybody interested. it would be a great gift for your parents, cos it helps on chronic pain as well... sakit2 lutut, sakit belakang...

also good on ED (erectile dysfunction - err... semua orang 18 above kan???)

let me know.... the sooner the better.

p/s: fret not, i will let u know my testimony lepas aku try pulak nanti... :D

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

prophet mohammed's blockbuster

this morning, i came across a news headline, 'Qatar firm to finance prophet mohammed's blockbuster'


Barrie Osborne, a Hollywood movie industry veteran of over 40 years whose credits include Lord of the Rings and The Matrix, has signed up as producer of the documentary epic.
"Barrie Osborne has agreed to produce the film and hopefully we should start to shoot in the first quarter of 2011," Raja Sharif, Alnoor's vice-president for international affairs, told AFP.
The film will respect Islamic traditions forbidding images of the prophet, so Mohammed himself "will not appear," Sharif said.

hmmm... hope it turns out marvelous and nothing controversial as this is a sensitive issue, me think. but it also indicates how people are very much intrigue with our Prophet Mohammed SAW... and if i am not mistaken, Prophet Mohammed SAW is the most influential public figure in the world - cuma aku lupa where did i read that from...

well, tak sabar rasanya...

Monday, November 2, 2009

kelantan vs negeri 9

this is a difficult situation

well... not so difficult actually, of course i will go for kelantan! gomo kelate gomo!!!

but... still it will be a difficult situation...

abang aku ni orang negori lak aiii... huh... pantang maut sebelum ajal kehkehkeh....

btw, my sis posted in her blog the theme songs for both teams -

hoben jang hoben & gomo kelate gomo

mengekek2 aku ketawa....!!!! so, enjoy...

(bushah, meme kja nok dikir hahahah!!! gomo abis abise...)

back from egypt

hubby is back from 2-week job assignment in egypt
...and he got tonnes of wonderful stories to share.

it was his first time in egypt
it was his first time to fly on emirates airlines - business class
it was his first time meeting and having drinks with a Senior VP of Pertamina in the business lounge (rezeki dia that fellow cari tempat duduk and chose to sit with him ehehhe...)
it was his first time travelling alone (he was nervous but managed fine...)
it was his first time meeting, chatting and having great 2-hour drinks with AnuarIbrahim (just the 2 of them... apa topic?macam2 ada)

...rezeki suami ku...

rezeki kami?? all the souvenirs and seeing him happy with his moment - dah cukup for me :D



heheheh but in a good way, aku doa doa doa byk2 supaya one day we all could afford to travel first class on our own, just us one family and able to enjoy the whole moment without worrying on $$ or anything at all - aminnnnnnnn...