Sunday, February 24, 2008

i need your doa

dear friends

please, if it is not too difficult to ask, save a doa for my Abah...

may Allah repay you on your kindness

isn't it ironic?

i have lived my life for about 30-31 years
that long i thought i knew my grandpa, Abah
till last thursday(21 february 2008), i went back to kelantan to visit him
i got new stories about him

he is about 86 years old
he got married when he was 29 (quite late for those days) and my grandma was 13!
(no wonder she looks vverrry young in her wedding pictures
Abah had been captured and put on a truck to Siam by the Japs for railway works
He escaped! Jumped off the moving truck and ran away
Then he got arrested by the police, mistaken him for a chinese during the communist era; "tidok tue, ambo ore melayu... buke cino..."
in the lock-up, he managed to escape (God knows how!), later after he escaped, whole police station taken down by the communists, all policemen died...

Abah is known as a man with vast knowledge in doa and all... all his families are like that
that's why Allah blessed them all the time

i think my uncles learnt a lot from him
we, learnt a lot from him
(just a matter of practice...)

proud of my grandpa, more now that i knew more of him
30 years of living... what else did i miss??
ironic, isn't it

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

hard to breathe...

this morning, i saw an sms from my sister. then received a call from my uncle...
my granddad - ABAH - has to put in coma so that he could breathe properly
few days ago, he was having breathing problem and water retention in his legs then his arms

today, i found out he had to be put in coma so that a tube could be put into him and help him breathe. my uncle said that's the only 'ikhtiar' left.

i am sad... am worry... am very very sad

going back to kelantan tomorrow with family and aiyshah's as well.

hang on, abah. we know u are a fighter, a tough one in fact.

anybody reading this, please pray for his best... for only Allah knows what's best... amin.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

twilight zone... tutuututuututut (theme music)

last 2 nights, i had a dream. arin had the same dream - on the same night!!! spooky...

and we tried to confirm our dream and called the person we met in our dreams, it came out as the same story as in our dreams!! - more spooky.....


Tuesday, February 5, 2008


watched this movie yesterday on Astro - i like it!

but of course, one of the main attraction - Sweet Home Alabama bad boy, Josh Lucas... (apart from Mr McDreamy... Patrick Dempsey!)

Sunday, February 3, 2008

mama, look...


daddyMOMMY & bibik

i am 3 years old - that what was told
i have a daddy, a mommy and a bibik
daddy and mommy always go to work
they say they need the money to buy me stuff
i don't really understand why they need to work a lot - do they really need a lot of money?
cos i have money - a got two three four coins in my money box - is it not enuf, mommy?

lately daddy been busy... i heard mommy said busy with audit work
(what is audit?)
i saw dad only at night, when sunshine goes to sleep
mommy also busy - out most of the time
mommy also got a lot of work
i saw mommy a weeetle bit more than daddy
i miss daddy and mommy but i understand
that is why i dont want to sleep when they are around
mommy was upset yesterday when i ddidnt want to sleep
she said if i didnt get enuf rest i will get sick
but mommy, i dont mind - i just want to spend more time with you

did i mention i also have a bibik
she's always at home
she feeds me, she bathes me, she lullabys me to sleep
sometimes when mommy at home, she wants to feed me or bathe me but bibik wont let her
mommy never fight (but sometimes i think she fights daddy)
last time i slept with bibik but woke up with mommy and daddy
i think they came home after sunshine goes to sleep and after i goes to sleep
now, i see them when i goes to sleep

mommy likes to play with me
daddy too
but sometimes they scolded me
i think because they are tired - its okey dad, mom, i understand
but bibik never scolded me
hmmm... sometimes i dont understand how adults think
mommy... i dont want to grow up
i dont think i can work that hard
i dont think want to miss my playtime
i dont think i want to scold people
daddy, hope you got enough money to buy me stuff
not sure whether i need it
but daddy, hope you get enough money to stay home and play more with me
yeah... i think i like that better
daddy and mommy at home with me and bibik!!!
yeayyyy.... one big happy family

note from mommy: dear, bibik is not a family...

Friday, February 1, 2008

easy teardrops

was listening to samsons - kenangan terindah
was singing to it as well
dunno why but that song always got me to tears...
maybe the lyrics
darimu... ku temukan hidupku
bagiku... kaulah cinta sejati
maybe the melody
maybe its the whole song
maybe its ability to communicate with my subconscious feelings
all 'maybes'....