Sunday, January 31, 2010

my undivided attention to FOOD

FOOD has been my prime attention since errr... since i started working, i think... (so that explains my spare tyre :D:D)

Well, since ages, many people turn to food as comfort tools. has it also been my comfort tools?? eheheh... one thing i noticed is that i WILL EAT when i am...

or even lack of sleep

and i also noticed that i will eat very FAST when i am angry and very SLOWLY when i am sad. yup, they are related.

so, FOOD is really my best friend, they never cheat on me, never borrow my money (muahahahhah!!!) never let me down. and the worst part is, if i became too close to them, they will never leave me (and make me fat!) kuangkuangkuang!!!!

so what's your verdict?

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

one of the proud students

i am very very proud cos my primary school has been chosen as one the 20 top schools in malaysia!
Sekolah Berprestij Tinggi....

banggo wehhhhh....

after a brief googling - i found that they have a blog of their own! sekolah rendah ada blog! tererrrr....

am proud to be one of the students of SKZainab (2)

Saturday, January 16, 2010

paul potts

was told about him by liza/gazza some time ago and was reminded again when i watched him performed 'Memory' in Oprah.

the lovely brilliant voice never fail to make me cry a tear ...

from this guy...

to him today...

Monday, January 11, 2010

my dream ambitions... (masih lagi angan2... sigh....)

  1. a famous artist, very artistic and famous artist who does sketches and makes big bucks!
  2. an established architect who also makes big bucks!
  3. a jewelry designer who sells internationally and makes big bucks!
  4. a famous and creative author who writes good novels, internationally accepted and makes big bucks!
  5. do nothing and makes big bucks!!! 

notice the similarity??? muahhahahahha!!!!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

sedangkan lidah lagi tergigit

...apa pula suami isteri
eheheh...lost in interpretation

happy 1st birthday!!!

my dearest amir harith,

happy 1st birthday...
may Allah bless you in every way
and you grow up to be a man of success (dunia & akhirat)
always respect your parents
always respect others
kaya (muahahahha!!!)
and everything nice...

mama, abah n abg hazeem

Sunday, January 3, 2010

wind of change

i can feel that this year gonna be awesome!!!


tang mana yg 'awesome' ------ itu aku tak tau, but i can feel the good vibes, insyaallah...

(may Allah bless my friends as well this year, amin....)

Friday, January 1, 2010

2010 anticipations

apart from the 2010 world cup (wow... it has been 4 years!), i think what i would look forward the most are the movies - of course these are only self-amusement (muahahahahaaa!!!)

so, i checked and these are the ones that i surely wont miss: -


leonardo dicaprio - of course, one of the reasons why i will look out for this one.


(ehem...) russell crowe - enuf said.


sam worthington - a remake of the 1981's box office movie... well... i like gladiators. what's not to like?!


johnny depp, helena bonham carter, anne hathaway
- my pirate is going to be in the pirate... my pirate...


of course, the return of these two wacky friends. i can see them shine my day!

and there are more...
Shrek Goes Fourth, Prince of Persia, Date Night, Salt, The Expendables, Harry Porter sequels, The A-Team (woohoo!!)

and obviously i WONT watch A Nightmare on Elm Street - the idea of an ugly guy with a hat and in stripes shirt scaring people with his long nails - not a good idea for a good night sleep (ughhh)

enjoy your 2010!!!