Thursday, August 23, 2007


i am moving out of my house
my sister is moving out of her house
we are moving out tomorrow
moving in to my mother's new government house

tomorrow we are moving out
all my stuff are still out
tomorrow we have to pack everything
before people can bring them out

moving out of house is not easy
it will make you go greasy
i'll have friends that will help me
so i hope it will go breezy

i remember last time i moved out
few friends came and helped out
but it was a funny and memorable day
as all our peluh jantan and inner gases all came out

moving out is an experience
which you hope there is no recurrence
but no matter how you try to avoid
sooner or later it sure still happens

to my friend that is helping tomorrow
please do not sleep in sorrow
sleep tight and dont let the bed bug bite
cos tomorrow you will be our hero

hehehhehe.... you know who you are...

m y d i g n i t y

I decided long ago
Never to walk in anyone's shadow
If I fail, if I succeed
At least I'll live as I believe
No matter what they take from me
They can't take away my dignity
Because the greatest love of all
Is happening to me
I found the greatest love of all
Inside of me
The greatest love of all
Is easy to achieve
Learning to love yourself
It is the greatest love of all

spa escapades

most of my close friends know that i am going to open a spa. what they didnt know is WHEN? WHERE? and maybe WHY?

i almost open a spa last few months, but because the owner of the spa wont even negotiate on the price and i felt that something is not right somewhere (plus i didnt like the way her husband 'discuss' things with us).... i decided not to buy over her spa.

then, i went to find out on loans to start my spa from scratch - zero - nil. SME bank sent me to an entreprenuer course for 6 days at vry minimal fee of rm200. well, i learnt a lot about enterprenuership and i surely learnt that having 6 meals a day in a 6 day course can give u 'extra look'!

then, i met few friends - to gather info for my business proposal. before i could finish my proposal, i got a call from a friends saying that she wants to sell her spa. at good price. with good prospects and potentials. is this what people call FATE?

i will buy that spa and i will (finally) going to run my spa business. and this initial spa of mine will eventually have its chains of branches everywhere i cant even imagine.

perrghhh.... there may be those who dont believe it will work but I DO! and IT WILL!

God, please be with me all the way... and bless my business with profits and profits (heheheh... ) and benefits i can shower on others. amin....

i simply remember MY FAVOURITE THINGS & then i don't feel so bad

Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens
Bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens
Brown paper packages tied up with strings
These are a few of my favorite things
Cream colored ponies and crisp apple streudels
Doorbells and sleigh bells and schnitzel with noodles
Wild geese that fly with the moon on their wings
These are a few of my favorite things
Girls in white dresses with blue satin sashes
Snowflakes that stay on my nose and eyelashes
Silver white winters that melt into springs
These are a few of my favorite things
When the dog bites
When the bee stings
When I'm feeling sadI simply remember my favorite things
And then I don't feel so bad

Monday, August 20, 2007

my guardian angels

in our lives, i believe we were each given our own guardian angels...

i have friends that i know will be there no matter what happens.

i have many friends, but i noticed in my 'big' troubled times, these are the ones that God sent to me...

funny how life works

but guys, if you are reading this - thank you! for being there.

for putting up with my 'outstanding' behaviour... hehehhehe

yus is there whenever i got work issues... prinsip hidup
liza is there whenever i need good spontanous excitement in life
raja is there whenever i got issues understanding feelings
gaza is there almost all the times - esp with regards to computer hehehe

thank you again.

but most of the times, they are always there

Am I a guardian angel to anybody??
How would I know - but I hope I am...

(Note: in view to 50 years Merdeka celebration, 2 pictures were taken ages ago. so please do not adjust your screen - there is nothing wrong with your computer. they 'did' look like that once upon a time!)

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

to ALL

happy 30th birthday to me!
may Allah bless all my families, my friends
thank you for being there for me - in good and bad

the LOVE of

my husband, aka Blongos, is the one without shirt in from of the guy in green. he just woke up. this was taken at his high education school in kajang.
he is very kind, patient and he completes me. he is everything that i am not. without him, i cant even imagine what will happen.

we went to study ALevel together (and nope, he didnt end up as a janitor). he works as an accountant in KL.
He will, one day, be a successful person. And may Allah bless his life now and thereafter... amen.

our WEDDING 010303. at that time there wedding photography was not so famous and recognised (so, excuse the pose)...
there are many things i wish i had done on that day but guess maybe i'll modify and do it during our anniversary one day!
nonetheless, thank you for taking me to be part of your life...

my buah hati pengarang jantung - the apple of my eye...
that was when he was a year old. this december he will be 3 years old - AMIR HAZEEM
Dear Allah, hope he will grow up to be successful (dunia & akhirat), very healthy mind, body & soul, become well to do, rich, also rich in manners, pious, have a happy family, charismatic, bold, caring and all the best things you deemed best for him. Amen.

what i have done

i love dancing... this was in Form 6 final year party. we did a line dance. we hantam actually and it was fun! still enjoy dancing but only at home :-) with my son!

in London. done the london eye with my hubby. went on the something like bungee jumping (without my hubby)... it was crazeeee!! such adrenalin rush!

also love water sports. i did waterski (i think that was what it's called), jetski, snorkling (tioman, redang, phuket, karambunai, etc).

also love absailing and those sort but hate hiking or mount climbing.

PLACES i've BEEN: penang, JB, Singapore, Terengganu, Perlis, N9(ofcourse), Perak, Pahang, Phuket, Karambunai Sabah, Bali, London UK, Bandung (i cant remember all).

I have their pictures, used to have their posters, have their songs, sing it as well.
wish i can take pictures with them, unfortunately some of them were dead.. so madame tussaud is one solution.
(thanks ma & pa for the sponsored honeymoon trip)

there are pictures i've taken with the local artistes, shawn, amy mastura... not many... but sometimes it is fun just to take pictures with a celeb eventho u are not really into them :-)

there are many other things i wanna do

places i wanna go

i will...

LearningCurves of MyLife

i was seated front row 2nd from left... i think i was the ketua darjah. we were in Class 6B, i think, most of us got 5As for our UPSR. the teachers were esthatic!
this was in 1994, 5 Science 1,MGHS. i was seated front row, 3rd from left. was the school prefect (the prefect board's secretary). i got 12 agreggates for my SPM and C5 for my 1119 (not so happy about my result but served me right for not doing my homework... hehheee)

ALevel 1995-1997 PPP/ITM Shah Alam (Batch 14 - 14J). Standing 6th from right. my first time away from home. however, most of us didnt manage to go oversea cos of the 1997 recession. sad... frustration everywhere. our dreams were crushed but we moved on...
my NCUK mates. it was our study trip to Puchak Alam. hot day! we had to climbed up to the top. quite tiring but fun... still didnt manage to fly! i didnt get the best student award - only special effort by UK board cos my result is about the same with the awarded best student, Queen (she squatted in front)

my degree years... in UiTM. the one standing behind with the sunglass was our class lecturer - he taught us to be tough (it was tough). this was our class trip to Tioman Island (1st time i learned snorkeling). i was seated in front (still hehehe) with the sunglass.
LIFE is tough especially if things happen beyond your control. But who are we to stop our journey... life must go on...

My one and only proper job is in Jones Lang Wootton - almost 6 years there and those years made me into what i am today. stronger and appreciate life better. resigned cos i want something more - i know i worth and can achieve more...

w a l k w i t h m e

I aM 30 tOdaY!

what was i 30 years ago? come, i'll take you thru the journey with me...

this was me - 29 years ago.
the one in the crane was in year 1983, was with my uncle.
the next one was also in 1983, with my 2nd sis, Buliz.

my pic in red cheongsam was in 1981, got cheated by my grandmother who was taking her 'passport' photo to go to Mekah. I thought i was taking the same photo to go too but turned out it was just a normal photo and i was left in m'sia (obviously)

my 2 sisters and i (can recognise me?)... we were in shangri-la penang. i was still in secondary school. that was the hairstyle that i could afford - my hair was thick and kasar... hehhehe

being a child was great...

  • i was born in 1977 in kota bharu kelantan (my parents were still studying in UK but they came back to deliver me in traditional way - darn! otherwise my place of birth would be Manchester UK hehehhe)
  • was brought up by my grandparents in kelantan... always got tortured by my youngest uncle - i called him fat and he would chase me to give me a good kick in the butt...
  • being the only grandchild at that time, i got LOTS of presents from my uncles and aunties...hahahhah
  • i used to slap my sister in her face when she was sleeping and her legs were on my side of the bed. pretended to sleep when she woke up HAHHAHAH - sorry Liz.
  • pushed my sister (Liz again!) into our pretend jail cell and she cried...also i pretended nothing happen
  • bit my uncle the my dad on their hands when they ask me to share my toy gun (goshhh... and i didnt have mny teeth - so not so bad, ticklish maybe)
  • kicked my youngest brother when my parents were not looking (hey, he kicked me first) that made him scared at me... sorry youl!
  • always got myself in injury - scratched my face (fell down while playing police and thief), sprained my ankle whilst running in the rain,sprained my other ankle cos Liz fell on it while i chased her (she was a bit more than normal weight at that time!)
  • sabotaged my great grandmother's drink by mixing it with Maggi powder - she's no longer alive, hope she forgave me

HAHHAHA.... those were the days... cant tell everything but i can guess you can imagine how my childhood was like...

Monday, August 13, 2007

mEn R from MaRs...

God created men and women differently. Adam was first created alone.. and from one of his ribs God created Eve. Many things were comprehended from this miraculous event.

from my understanding...
Men were created to lead. and women are to support them right by their 'side'...
Men are also to protect their women as they protect their ownself, hurting them is as good as hurting their own 'ribs'.
And both need each other...

Why? Why were we created different?
I remember there was one fight I had with my husband... he couldnt understand why i need to rely on him on certain things...
God gave a sense of dependency to a woman so she will always see her husband as someone she can trust, someone she can depend on, someone she feels safe with, a shoulder she can cry on... and many more

If a woman doesnt have all those feelings... imagine how a marriage would be?
A husband is independent... the wife is also independent... nobody needs anybody...
what's the point? (but dont be too dependent or clingy - it's annoying)

God created all these so that we can feel and appreciate how beautiful life is..
It is have somebody by your side. somebody who needs you, and you need them.

makes your life more meaningful once all these equations are fulfilled.

so, i will take our differences as our blessings. true, some differences are total wreck - but some couple's differences are meant to complete each other.

that's life...

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Malaysia vs PSV Eindhoven

accepted an invitation from a friend to watch the Youth Cup last night between our beloved Malaysia vs PSV Eindhoven... went with my husband and a couple of the said friends

what did we get? well, it was my first time to watch football live in the stadium - it was a great feeling: you can shout, you can scream, you do mexican wave, you can swear (not so adviseable), you can jump from your seat when you thought the team is about to score but they didnt... , you can flag your hands way up your head... and many more.

what about the game?
it was quite frustrating during the first half (in case you didnt know... we lost 2-0), both goals were scored during the first half. our team was playing on defensive mode with only one striker trying to even get the ball to the other side. supporters were quite restless (anyone could especially if you spend ages trying to park your car!)

but things changed during the second half (guess coach give them hell of a time). malaysia played more aggressive and more attacks and tackles were made. supporters bacame alive again - atleast we got something to cheer about, something to be excited about! eventhough no goal was scored, but we felt good cos of the fight we saw in them.

and they were MUCH MUCH better than our senior Malaysian team! and people were shouting, 'Dik, jangan jadi macam abang!" (indicating... don't be like your seniors who were kind enough to let the opponent to kick as many goals pass the goal keeper with very insignificant fight shown)

why malaysian do not watch football in stadium as much as those in europe?
firstly, our stadiums are not located in areas which are easily reached with lrt or commuter (etc)
secondly, fucking damn hard to get your car park
thirdly, some supporters are not sporting enough (we cannot throw water bottles or anything into the field - what are we? barbaric?)

well, i like my first experience and surely will go for more if time permits...