Wednesday, July 29, 2009

raya munchies

Sugarbites' RAYA MUNCHIES (not cookies... :D)
our HONEY NUTS CORNFLAKES are ever so crunchy and sweet...
and our HONEY MUESLI CORNFLAKES can be called healthy snacks with chewy texture and tasty with blended taste of honey, cornflakes, oats and raisins
terkenang semasa dulu....? try KUEH KAPIT or SALABIKIN SESAME for sesame lovers

all munchies taste great! good serving for hari raya, great munchies over long awaited chats and talks from relatives and old friends :-)

Looking forward for Ramadhan...
selamat berpuasa and may it be a month full of ibadah for all of us!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

budak-budak ni....!!

mengepau deco cake!! caught red handed - literally....

these are faces of how a baby would react to a taste of iced milo!!!!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

all my loving - american dreams' version

been following this tv series, American Dreams on astro ch702. love the cast and mostly loving the songs. well, my friends say i was born in the wrong era ehheheh....

last night, i fell in love with their new version of 'all my loving', originally by the beatles. this new version is very the very sentimental - ngehngehngeh....!!

close your eyes and i'll kiss you
tomorrow i'll miss you
remember i'll always be true
and then while i'm away
i'll write home everyday
and i'll send all my loving to you
all my loving i will send to you
all my loving darling, i'll be true...

anak buah ku di yokohama

this is not posing for horror movie ok... she was playing with her own 'airliur' and snapped her own picture... ngehngehngeh....

posing with katak suit.... ribbit ribbit....

(anak katak will be back for hari raya! yes!)

another SHITTY chapter in my life - the most SHITTY

one chapter in my life is closing, i am putting it to an end... even tho it is far from end but bcos it is SO DAMN SHITTY, i am putting a stop to it!

this is the scenario:

i lend something to a close friend, very close... to the whole family.
so, when it was due for them to return my stuff, they didnt... i wasnt sure why, maybe they didnt have it, or not ready to return it... but they didnt.

being quite a laid-back person i was, i would have just let them hold it for a while, wait... i DID let gave them time... about 4-5 months time for them to return the stuff to me! but sad to say, they didnt, opps... they did return a 'ciput' part of the thing to me. fine... my husband was saying,' what is this? are they playing us? are they taking us as idiots who they can say -ok, ok, well give it next week- but nothing happen?'

well, it was hard for me to answer that cos i was feeling idiot myself... deep down inside i still want to believe that my friend are not taking advantage of me (on the contrary tho)

week after week, month after month... my smses were not replied, my calls were not answered and my emails were not returned... only once in a blue moon she would replied saying they needed more time.

i need the thing badly, if not, situation would be different. so it was call for desperate measures. desperate for a commitment from this so called FRIEND of mine.

i went partly public. i asked questions on her blog... which i found impropriate but i got her attention. but it was not long until they played us again with their 'silence' treatment. okaaaayy.. what else can i do? so i went to family, a close family cos i still need to jaga airmuka makcik tu.

BOOM!! i hit it big! they were fucking damn angry! suddenly i got smses!!! sms saying that they will return my stuff part by part on monthly basis BUT if i once again tell public or a family about it, i will not see my stuff again...

AIKKKK!!! sapa pinjam barang sapa ni??!! fucking damn shit...!!!
u ungrateful bastard (sorry for my french)!!
from that point of time, i said to myself, i will not halal even a single cent from what they get from my stuff. whether they pay or not, i dont give a shit!

who the hell they think they were???

i quickly think of Allah, and hope for His guidance... i just hope Allah will give me strength and bukakan hati mereka-mereka yg tak sedar diri tu.

but... Allah knows how it hurts me as a friend who wanted to trust this so called friend but...

from this point of time, they are no longer my friends... i believe, they also ditching us as their friends. so... i dont want to know anything about them... buat sakit hati je. better not... not worth it.

as for the stuff they borrowed, if diorang sedar diri, sedar dosa pahala, and if ada rezeki aku, i will get it back. till then, aku berserah...

Sunday, July 19, 2009

ice age 3

watched this with hubby and amir hazeem
best gilerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!! ketawa sampai pecah panggung esp part helium gas warghwarghwaghhhh...

Sunday, July 12, 2009

letter to a friend - for better OR for worse

my dear friend,
this letter i wrote especially for you, since we have been thru a lot together and we had helped each other a lot before.
but now, i am not sure what has happened? u keep your silence, did not return my sms or reply to my comment on the internet...
i know maybe time is hard for you. but i know that you know time is hard for me too...
and if it has been difficult, why cant you discuss with me on the solutions, instead of just keeping 'mum' of the whole thing, PRETENDING everything is ok, ASSUMING i am surviving ok with YOUR problem. were sad, and you came to confide to me... i listened. you were sad, people erased your name from the famous FB... how do u think i feel when a friend (that is YOU) erased my blog link from her blog list? (bukan ke sama je tu kerja nya?)
dear friend,
i hope you understand (as you always want me to understand your problem) that i am not putting you into shitty situation but this is your own consequences.... in fact, at first, i was uncertain cos whenever i tried to communicate, u replied and made me feel as if i am wrong! aikk.... sapa salah ni...? sapa pinjam duit sapa?? sapa tak setel ni...? sapa tak nak berbincang elok2 ni??
whatever we do, biar lah berkat, dear friend...
nanti nak bagi makan anak2, all those come from 'whatever' action you and your husband are doing. maybe you think you did nothing wrong.... maybe....
i really hope u understand ...
my patience also has its limit (as you always quote about yourself...)
you know me

Monday, July 6, 2009

harith is 6month today!

today 7 july 2009, amir harith is 6 month old... cepatnya! and he already started makan solid food since last week... couldnt stand to see his pitiful face asking for us to feed him hehhehe...

amir harith is not much different from his brother, loves to laugh and smile a lot!
selalu mintak didukung...
and sekarang dia dah pandai panggil orang... but of course, it will sound like this... 'ah, ah... heh... heh...!' (translated: abah, abah... hey... tengok harith ni! heheheh)

dah penat landing la dulu...

abang who loves him... and there are times hazeem loves to bully him also..

pandangan sisi ni hensem ni (ngehngehngeh....)

a pic of me and harith taken by hazeem....
may Allah bless my family and may these boys grow up as useful, beriman and is blessed dunia and akhirat... amin

ragam si harith

uuuu... camera!!
mama, see me smile!!! ngeee......