Saturday, May 30, 2009

EUMORA on sale!!!

The Sensational Moor facial bar, infused with HmA Factor (Hydration MicroAlgae), formulated and 100% imported from Europe. Suitable for everyday use and all skin types, EumorA simply cleans, actively tones and moisturizes skin for a brighter, refreshed result. Just add clean water to create a thick lather, apply gently onto skin, leave for 2 minutes or more, rinse off with water.

* refines pores / mengecilkan pori-pori

* controls or eliminates blackheads and whiteheads / mengawal blackheads dan whiteheads

* controls skin pH balance / mengawal keseimbangan pH pada kulit

* helps on acne and sensitive skin / mengawal masalah jerawat dan kulit sensitif

* reduces scar on skin / mengurangkan kesan parut pada kulit

* reduces and controls skin pigmentation and frackles / mengurangkan pigmentasi dan mengawal masalah jeragat

* reduces fine lines, wrinkles on face / mampu mengurangkan garis² halus/kedut pada wajah

* helps skin problem like eczema, psoriasis even stretchmarks and selulites effect / membantu mengawal masalah² penyakit kulit, eczema, psoriasis, stretchmarks, kesan selulit dan sebagainya

* skin will be a tone lighter due to exfoliation process and ehances skin natural glow / kulit kelihatan 1 tona lebih cerah kerana proses exfoliation kulit kelihatan lebih kemerahan secara semulajadi dan berseri²

* enhances skin cycle, making it firmer and brighter / meningkatkan keupayaan kitaran sel kulit, menjadikan kulit sentiasa anjal, sihat dan berseri

* most suitable and safe on baby's skin / sangat sesuai dan selamat digunakan pada bayi dan kanak-kanak* reduces dark areas and dead skin cells around neck area, armpits and bikini line / mengurangkan noda² hitam dan sel mati pada keliling leher, celah ketiak dan bikini line

* excellence on controlling skin on face / bagus untuk mengekalkan keseimbangan minyak pada kulit muka

* eliminates facial pimples, acne as well as on body skin / mematikan jerawat muka dan badan

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

scary thots...

on the first day they launched DUKE hiway, i tried my way to Jln Kuching... very easy but u can only go towards KL and no exit to go towards MRR2/Selayang.
then, i had to do a delivery to Kota Damansara... tried the DUKE. entered the NKVE then exited via Kota Damansara exit - voila! 30 mins ONLY!!!
apa yg scary thots?
to think that Kota Damansara is sooo far far away from Keramat
to pay RM2 + RM1.80 for a convenience IS scary, especially during ekonomi gawat ni. (mind u, RM3.80 is only one way)
but... for a stress-free journey... it is a good option.
scary thots... tempat yg jauh dah jadi dekat sekarang ni...
whats left is just a matter of $$

Sunday, May 17, 2009

early bird gets the worm

my son, has the habit of going late to school... he would take his own sweet time to get ready and all...

so, one day i decided to tell him the story about 'early bird gets the worm'

me: hazeem, what do birds eat?
hazeem: cacing!
me: pandai... tau tak, if the bird wakes up early, keluar rumah awal, he will get the best worm, the freshest worm? sapa lambat, nanti tak dapat... cacing habis...
hazeem: ... (no word coming from him, guess he was digesting my story...)
me: hazeem pun kena jadi macam tu, bangun pagi2...
(before i could finish my sentence, he menyampuk...)
hazeem: buat apa mama nak hazeem makan cacing??? tak sedap la... biar la bird tu makan, hazeem takpayah, tak payah bangun pagi...

erk...! ok la ok la... tak payah...

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Monday, May 11, 2009

happy mother's day!!

mother's day
who on earth created mother's day?
for what? to appreciate mothers? why? dont we appreciate them everyday?

ha.... saje je tu...
i think, when u dedicated a day to just celebrate it, it will be more eventful and memorable...

so, i didnt get to celebrate mother's day yesterday cos husband was at work all day.

today, i went to celebrate on my own.
what did i do?
started my day with a heavy expensive (to me) breakfast at coffee bean, klcc. and i got my long craved - sunrise drink!

it was a breakfast set with coffee and i added that Sunrise.... delicious!

abis... took the sunrise with me to ronda2 KLCC...
then, i decided to do some shopping therapy (ye ke terapi heheheh)
i got many things came to my mind - bottom line is, duit ada ke?
hehehe... kita ronda dulu
it has been awhile since my last shopping FOR MYSELF
so, u can imagine betapa banyak mende dtg ke kepala.
tapi... itu la orang ckp, sayang anak lebih dari diri sendiri... aku pusing2 mata ni asyik duk tengok barang anak je
first place i went was toy department in parkson... cari beg sekolah hazeem. tak jumpa yang best.
then proceeded to shoes area, nak cari kasut hazeem - pun tak berkenan.
pastu pumpkin patch, ada lak baju baby sale, harith got his socks and few baju - done!
ok... hazeem nya apa lak? eh, this is suppose to be my day. masuk MNG la... so, dapat la beg ni. nape bag besar? senang nak masuk toys hazeem, barang2 harith... (still pasal anak2)
but atleast a new bag will make me feel beautiful hahahahha...
this is the bag! big and stylish (nasib baik la trend skrg trend bag besau!!!)

baju harith and his socks....
lepas tu, balik nak amik hazeem from preschool. couldnt stay in KLCC long, lagi abis duit... makk aiii parking RM8! baru je parking rasanya...
off to hazeem's preschool. at the school door, hazeem excitedly greeted me - 'mama, tgk hazeem buat utk mama...!!!" - a mother's day card! terharu la pulak... never thot to get one from him... bagus hantar anak2 gi sekolah :D
so, hati dah cair, patah balik gi KLCC, asked hubby to join us for lunch (and to show off my card!)
kenen2 si hazeem dpt lak BEN10. ini kena paksa ni, he was crying in the store (adeh...)

so... this is the culprit - that stole my heart... :D

this was written by the teacher...

siapa tuh?
ini mama, ini hazeem and ini abah pakai kasut.
mana kaki mama?
hazeem lupa hehehhe
atas ni sapa?
ni aliff (kawan hazeem) and cikgu
mana harith?
harith lainkali la :D

hmm.... mothers... how much sacrifice we are willing to make for our children? too much... too much...
mak mana tak sayang anak.
happy mother's day

Saturday, May 9, 2009

gifts from japan

this is not the gifts from japan... this is harith - 4 months old on 7 may 2009, 6.5kg! happy happy kid - but if u crossed him, u have to bear dia berleter for minutes....!

ini dia... hazeem got a remote control car. but we are still trying to figure out how to operate that car... hmmm??

baby harith got a new (used-2nd hand) stroller. combi. very lightweight and nice colour! and when harith not using it, hazeem would sneakily put it in front tv and sit in it heheheh... lepas tu kena marah dengan abah dia :D

so, where did all these come from? japan. gifts from my sister, liz. 2nd hand items tapi all still in good condition. we also got baby fences - still in packaging - nampak cam besar je. me got a silicone cake mold, hubby got a chopstick in casing and a mini gun keychain :-p
actually, i requested for the stroller and baby fence. but i postponed my order due to lack of $$$.
but my sister pity me (iskiskisk...) so she gave them as gifts. nanti liz ya, we will repay u one day.
thank you again, liz and ali!


macam2 perangai orang
ada yang cakap A and buat A
ada yang cakap A tapi buat B
ada yang cakap A tapi buat B tapi tak perasan satu habuk pun yang dia duk buat B pastu siap ngata orang yang duk cakap A buat B...

aku ke tu??

so... sometimes, it is better to talk less