Friday, March 27, 2009

Free Entry to Petrosains, KLCC

hmm.. what to do this weekend?? last week we spent time learning photography with adhadi and zubye, professional photographers in msia. tiring but fun....

this week? hubby said, "petrosains bagi masuk free, anniversary celebration kot... nak?"
why not...
we arrived klcc around 945am - tu dia!!! the queue was long it was halfway reaching the foodcourt RASA. we thot we were early... duh...
while Q-ing tiba2 ada pakcik ni selamba badak potong Q. my husband said to him, pakcik, saya kat belakang akak ni... (pointing to the lady who was in front of us b4 now in front of him)... oh ye ka??? saya tadi Q kat mana ntah (aiyyyooo... lagi mau kelentong). So, guess what he did? he went behind us and the girls Q-ing behind us were annoyed but maybe they wanted to be polite so they said nothing. tiba2 dtg la kerabat2 pakcik ni, haaa sikit punya ramai semua muda2 lagi, still berkuderat utk beratur, siap berposing dressing maut lak tu... aku dah start berbulu. apa punya manusia ni???

ok, back to my story. since the Q was long, hazeem took the opportunity to pose with the dino... heheheh

gigi sapa lagi besar???

lelama si harith lak dah restless... so we decided to skip it and come some other time - of course, we have to pay... (plus, aku dah tak boleh nak toleh belakang tgk kerabat2 pakcik tu bersukaria as if they were so clever to have managed to cut Q - CEH!)

so, we went to the concourse area - hazeem posed with the BMW... it was PETRONAS/BMW exhibition. Hmm.... baru ckp dgn Liza, if kitorg byk duit, BMW is our dream car (phewittt!!!!)

He was posing here and there sampai boring pastu dah berlari ke sana ke mari aduhhh....

Ini le rupa harith dah bosan tahap gaban hehehhe...

Then, we marched to the foodcourt... makan time! One bowl of wantan noodle, 2 teh tarik and a bowl of ice cream... Have to have budget lunch :) balik rumah leh makan if still hungry (sigh....)

Dah ngantuk, hazeem? Poor guy... didnt have enough sleep yesterday after he had gotong royong at pre-school...

Harith is at peace... had to cover his eyes and ears from all the sightings and noise! hehehe a trick to keep him asleep throughout our meal... succeeded!

Free entry to Petrosains - lain kali aje la......

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Almost 3 months old...

Buah hati pengarang jantung
Another apple of my eye - my second son, Amir Harith
he is almost 3 months old and during my last visit to the peds on his 2mth birthday, he weighs 5.6kg
Alhamdulillah... another barakah
a blessings in our difficult times...


Sunday, March 8, 2009

Remembering Prophet Muhammad SAW

Thursday 12 Rabiul Awal Tahun Gajah (23 April 571) is the birthdate of Prophet Muhammad SAW. Thus, let me share my readings from a friend's blog, which he describes the greatness of Nabi SAW that beyond words...

The Distinctive Grandeur of the Leader of Both the Worlds

The Prophet Muhammad SAW has special distinctive notabilities. This was the reason that on the auspicious occasion of the Ascent (M'iraj), he was made the Imam (leader) of all the Prophets AS at Baitulmuqaddis. Similarly, on the Day of Judgement, too, it will be the Prophet Muhammad SAW who will act as an intercessor to implore Allah Most High to give His Judgements. This is the same Lauded Station (Maqam Al-Mahmud) which does not befit anyone but the Prophet Muhammad SAW. All the eminent Prophets AS and all the Holy Messengers AS, on that day, will not dare to act as the intercessor. Only the Prophet Muhammad SAW alone will stand at that station.

The eminent classical scholar - Ibn Hajar Al-Haythami Al-Makki says that Allah Most High has bestowed upon Rasulullah SAW all kinds of superiority over all other Prophets AS and Messengers AS. Ordinarily, the Prophet SAW's special qualities would require volumes upon volumes of kitabs for even the greatest of scholars to describe; and of these, there are Three Special Notabilities which are most obvious, clear and apparent. We shall cover these notabilities in this brief treatise.

THE FIRST SPECIAL NOBILITY: The Prophet Muhammad SAW was called for the Ascent (Mi'raj) with the corporeal i.e. external and physical body and this honour has not been achieved by anyone, save our Holy Prophet SAW, the Chosen Muhammad SAW, and the glory of his singularity is also displayed by the honours and dignity with which he was called.

In Baitulmuqaddis, the Prophet Muhammad SAW was made the Imam, to lead the Solat (prayer) of all the Angels and the Prophets AS. When the prayer was over, the Angel - Jibril AS introduced all the Prophets AS to him and they all congratulated him and paid tributes of praise.

THE SECOND SPECIAL NOBILITY: The second special and important feature amongst the Prophet Muhammad SAW's special features is - his leadership over all Mankind and Jinnkind. The Prophet SAW is the leader of all the Prophets AS and Messengers AS, rather, the entire Humankind and Jinnkind.

THE THIRD SPECIAL NOTABILITY: The third notability of the Noble Prophet Muhammad SAW - which the grand scholar, Ibn Hajar Al-Haythami Al-Makki RA has mentioned concerns those innumerable miracles of his which will last forever, is as follows:

"And by way of a miracle, the Qur'an itself is sufficient which will last till the approach of the Day of Doom; and in itself the Holy Prophet's (SAW) countless miracles and unlimited merits and praises have been described."

Agungnya sifat Nabi Muhammad, indahnya sejarah Baginda, mulianya hati Baginda... sehingga Allah memberi balasan kepada sesiapa yg berniat memuliakan hari kelahirannya dan juga melakukan kebaikan pada hari tersebut.

Aku bermuhasabah diri pada hari ini... dan sedar betapa diri ini jauh ketinggalan...

Semoga kita semua insaf dan berubah ke arah kebaikan diri, dan Muslim sedunia... amin..