Tuesday, March 27, 2012

blake ooo blake....

who would have imagined, a guy as good looking as Blake from The Voice would have a crush on me...

yes... it was a great feeling. he was really persistant and i was really in shock ...until my beloved (cewah) husband masuk campur and said a very 'meaningful' sentence to me


'Ja, bangun solat subuh, dah lewat ni!'

aiiiiyyyyyoooo..... why good dream must always be at subuh time? start la from the moment i shut my eyes so that i could dream longer. huhuhu....!!!

aku bangun dan refuse to open my eyes, hoping the dream would continue as i sleep-walk to the bathroom. but of course, mimpi je la... then i told my husband and he responded, 'padan muka, ada hati nak bercinta ngan blake hahahaha!!!'

alaaa abang ni, apa salah nya perasan sorang2. asyik2 mimpi abang je. biar la ja mimpi org minat ja pulak.

and yes, it was only a dream....huhuhuh....

sebenarnya, after a while, marriage loses its adventure and thrill and admiration and awe-ness towards each other cos we were too busy handling kids, spilled meal, cleaning poo poo, earning hard day income and by the end of the day, we just dragged our feet to bed. romance? perghh...forgeddebout-it!

so, we need to keep the fire errr... sparking? alive? apo la perkataan sesuai ni.... just keep the fire on la. keep the romance grow....

it could be hard, but worth the effort. but also could be frustrating when all your partner could say was, buang tebiat ke, yang weiiii... hahhaha! which doesnt happen to me (yet) ...hope wont happen at all.

and we wonder why nonsense movie like the twilight was such a hit. sigh...i wish i could have a gentleman vampire and a muscular protective werewolf to go gaga over me --- yes, it sounded ridiculous.

back to work, everybody!